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Contemporary Artist

1990 Born in Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka, Japan Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Graduated from Rikkyo University, Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Contemporary Psychology


MANABU KISHIMOTO questions categorization and depicts human nature by scraping off layers of paint.

Race, gender, nationality, and appearance are among the elements that make up human beings, but they are only partial.

Since 2000, the society surrounding social networking sites has sought to improve the efficiency of understanding by categorizing and simplifying human beings.

However, human beings are based on contingency and uncategorizable gradations.


His works are created using a technique called "Togidashi," or "polishing" of lacquer.

By grinding several layers of acrylic paint with water, the paint is scraped away from the surface, revealing a multi-layered expression of color from below.

Through the act of scraping and removing layers of paint, he removes categorization and explores the essence hidden in the depths of human nature.



【Solo Exhibitions】

2021 Yachiyo Exhibition / Sushi Place Yachiyo Yotsuya Sohonten / Tokyo, Japan

2020 New Normal / JOINT HARAJUKU / Tokyo, Japan


【Group Exhibition】

2023 The world is made of colors and outlines. / MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY / Tokyo

2022 May Flowers ~ Flower Exhibition 2022 ~ /between the arts gallery / Tokyo

2022 GINZA ART FEST "Artist! Artist! Artist! Artist! " Matsuya Contemporary Art Selection / Matsuya Ginza / Tokyo

2022 EYES Portrait show by Emerging Artists / MEDEL GALLERY SHU ▶︎︎, Tokyo

2021 100 nin 10 / Shinwa Auction / Tokyo

2021 GRADATION / Shibuya PARCO ComMunE 

2021 artworks fukuoka / Whask / Fukuoka ▶︎︎

2020 Independent Tokyo2020 / Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center / Tokyo, Japan

2020 100 din 10 / Nihonbashi Logs Building / Tokyo, Japan

2019 Encounters and More Exhibition / Yonataya / Fukuoka, Japan

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